The Emperors

After some walking in a forest deep in the Southern part of Belgium this week, I managed to get following contrasting photographs of the two emperor species in Belgium.

With a white and black background the Purple emperor, and the Lesser Purple Emperor look both astonishing.

The Lesser purple was sitting on a old camp-fire, trying to get the best out of the minerals available.

6/2017 - Viroinval B)

The Purple emperor sitting on some fresh and humide spot on a trail in the middle of an old forest. Although temperatures were extremely high both butterflies were flying around abundantly. I never witnessed this in my home country.

6/2017 - Viroinval (B)

Sometimes they are flying very nervous around, while on other occasions they are relaxed and can be approached very easy.

The Purple emperor, slightly bigger than the Lesser Purple emperor has a very distinctive white spot on its underwings.

Next time when you see these guys ( emperors !!!) flying by, you know where to look at and, of course, the blue & orange colors of both rare butterflies are amazing.